Littleton Senior Portraits

Every year I donate a photo session to my children’s school for their fundraising auction. It is always a fun surprise when I find out what kind of shoot I will be doing. This year my oldest son’s teacher from first grade won the session. She decided to use it for her son’s senior portraits and I was so excited to find out that he is a fencer. I love incorporating hobbies and passions into my senior shoots. It makes them that much more fun and personal.


For this shoot we met up at Denver’s Union Station and found this cool textured wall around the back. My youngest son Deegan now wants to try fencing after seeing these pictures.


We spent the shoot wandering around. There are so many cool textures and fun backgrounds downtown. I love the nature shoots but it is always great to change it up with an urban background.

Senior portraits
Senior portraits

When chatting with his mom I learned that he goes to an open school. It is a small school that is an alternative to  conventional schooling. They find the student’s interests and tailor their curriculum to help them reach the reality of having a successful career doing what they love. The students go on several trips to other countries learning first hand about real life. I have to say I am very intrigued with the idea of this school and I am researching it for a possible future school for my children.  Union station makes a great background for this shoot too because it is a place for travel and this senior has already done so much traveling with his school.


Senior portraits

Senior portraits


You can’t have an urban senior shoot without the obligatory cool alley shots.

Senior portraits
Senior portraits


After loosing my sister I insist on family getting in at least one shot, even if they aren’t photo ready, because I know how important having that photo will be one day.

Senior Portraits

I had such a fun time wandering around down town Denver with this senior and his family. I know that he is going to go on to do awesome things with his life and I wish him lots of luck!

If you would like to schedule your senior session please call me at 720-425-5986 or email me at or even easier just click the contact me button at the top of this page. I can’t wait to hear from you!

♥ Jenn

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