Fishing on a Sunday afternoon

My husband loves fishing. If he could make money doing it, it would be his dream job.  He tries to go fishing as often as he can and usually it is in the early morning before the boys and I are up. This weekend the boys were angry with him because he has promised to take them fishing but went without them again. So Sunday he decided to take the boys out for a couple of hours to a local pond he thought they might have some luck at. I took this as a opportunity to document some family memories.

My husband caught one smallish fish while the kids were busy running through the bushes. I had to keep reminding them that they are the ones that wanted to go fishing. Everyone had a good time and the kids even gave themselves a nap once we got home.

♥ Jenn

Addie Vinson

Love your pic’s, you do awesome work. I’m really proud of you Jen, keep up the great work. Love ya lot’s

[…] Jennifer Vinson Photography […]

[…] Jennifer Vinson Photography […]

Welcome to my new blog

Hi! Welcome to my brand new blog. I will be showcasing my work here along with some personal pictures and stories. I am really excited to be jumping into the world of professional photography and I hope you like what you see.

Spring is finally here in Colorado. We had some late snow at the beginning of this month and the trees are just now starting to get their leaves. I have to admit that I am not a fan of the cold weather. I would like snow so much better if i didn’t have to wear so many layers of clothes just to go outside. I grew up in southern California where it was a miracle if we had small flurries. The plus side of all the moisture is the beautiful green foliage that is great for pictures.  I can’t wait to take some gorgeous golden hour portraits in my beautiful surroundings. And what a beautiful state it is. I get to live 10 minutes from the mountains and 2 minutes from a lake which is where I like to spend a majority of my summer. The warm weather of the summer really lifts my spirits and makes me optimistic of all the wonderful things yet to come in the next several months. I can’t wait to share it all with you.

Please come back, enjoy the images and don’t feel shy. I love to hear from you! Its nice to know I am not just talking to myself here.




Bonnie Crouchman

I’ve seen the Beautiful work Jennifer does. I know you will be happy with a Photo shoot with her !

Rabecca Josephson

It looks awesome!!!


Thank you!

grats on the new blog 🙂

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