Littleton newborn photography

I love little newborn babies and it’s a good thing because it takes a lot of patience to get those sweet baby pictures. Aurora came to visit me with her sister Nova (don’t these girls have some awesome names?!) and her mom Ashlynn. I was especially excited to shoot Aurora’s newborn photos since I have been photographing her older sister since she was in mom’s belly. Aurora was just like her sister at her shoot because neither one of them wanted to sleep for their photos. They didn’t want to miss a thing. I did manage to get a variety and awake and sleepy pictures (even though she wasn’t all the way asleep for the sleepy pictures) from this shoot.  This is the reason newborn photo shoots take so much more time than regular shoots. If you are thinking of scheduling one soon make sure to give plenty of time for feeding and settling your baby. I have to admit that I was pretty sore after this shoot. Its amazing how much of a work out newborns are but I absolutely love it! I love giving moms beautiful portraits of their kids that will only look this small and sweet for a few short days.  I hope you don’t mind the huge share of pictures but I was so happy with everything we got that it was so hard for me to choose which ones to share. Feel free to let me know which ones are your favorites!

Littleton newborn photography
Littleton newborn photography

Littleton newborn photography

Littleton newborn photography

Littleton newborn photography

Littleton newborn photography

Wide awake!

Littleton newborn photography
Littleton newborn photography

Littleton newborn photography

Littleton newborn photography

Littleton newborn photography

Beautiful sisters!

Littleton newborn photography

Littleton newborn photography

Littleton newborn photography

What a beautiful family!

Littleton newborn photography

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CastAway Collection

Such a beautiful family and absolutely beautifully captured <3

Bonnie Crouchman

Beautiful What wonderful Pictures

[…] To check out Aurora’s newborn session click here. […]

Senior Photo Session Denver

When I was senior in high school we were directed to a portrait studio where we took pictures with our arms up on a chair or looking off in to the distance. I had no idea that I had the option to run around the city with lots of different backdrops and poses with a fun photographer. My senior pictures where ok but I am glad I am able to provide a session to remember, a session where your real smile comes out instead of the “cheese” smile we put on for the camera. Senior sessions should be and are so much fun with me! That’s what Morgan told me anyways.

I met up with Morgan on the 16th street mall in downtown Denver to shoot her senior portraits. Morgan is actually a junior but is graduating this year and is going on to school to become a nurse. So awesome! I can’t deal with the sight of blood but I am so glad that there are people out there like her willing to help us when we are wounded.


Littleton Senior portraits
Littleton Senior portraits
Littleton Senior portraits
Littleton Senior portraits

Maternity session Littleton Colorado

I love maternity sessions. I never had one done with either of my pregnancies but I wish I had.  Our bodies go through such an amazing transformation all for the tiny human growing inside. A lot of women are uncomfortable being pregnant and  complain about how fat they are and say they look horrible but it only last for such a short time in your life (even if it doesn’t feel that way). Maternity sessions are a great way to remember all that you went through.

This is my second maternity session with Ashlynn and this time we decided to shoot it at the Highlands Ranch Mansion It is a gorgeous building that my oldest son says looks like a castle (he was my helper for the shoot). It was the perfect backdrop for this beautiful mom. We were only allowed to use the outside of the building but we were able to get many different looks in one little area. This is going to be Ashlynn’s second daughter and I am really excited to meet her and take her pictures too.

Littleton Colorado Maternity Photographs

Littleton Colorado Maternity Photographs

Littleton Colorado Maternity Photographs
Littleton Colorado Maternity Photographs

Littleton Colorado Maternity Photographs

Littleton Colorado Maternity Photographs

Littleton Colorado Maternity Photographs

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Three months old already!

I can’t believe it has been three months already since this little beauty was born. Babies change so fast in their first year of life and that goes for this one as well. She has chunked up so much and has learned how to smile, laugh and hold her head up. I can’t wait to see all of the new things she has learned in the next three months. Six months olds are my favorite to shoot so there will be be plenty of pictures on her next post.





A glimpse into my own life

Since becoming obsessed with photography I have become a “photo snob”. I demand perfection of all of the photos I take even the snap shots. I have had to make myself take a step back and remember to just document life with my family even if the pictures aren’t perfect. My son Deegan decided he wanted to make dinner for us the other night and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to document some of our everyday life. He decided he was making french toast for dinner or brinner as we like to call it. He got out all of the ingredients and mixed them up. He dipped the bread and cooked all by himself. It was milestone for my youngest son who is growing up way to fast and I am glad to have captured it to look back on when he is helping his own kids learn to cook. This is what drew me to love photography in the first place.


I also shot this picture as he was playing on our ipad.


Some of my own family

I have some really beautiful family members and I use them as models as often as I can. So when its snowing and I need a last minute model to help me bring a vision to life I grab my sister and make her stand out in the cold for a few minutes. Now I am not a fan of the cold so I tend to avoid going outside as much as I can when it is snowing. I grew up in southern California where it rarely snows. My sister just moved here to Colorado and loathes the snow as well.  But snow makes an absolutely gorgeous back drop so we both got over our issues with it for a few minutes to capture these gorgeous shots. And when I say a few minutes we were literally out there less than 5 minutes and then ran inside to warm up. I love the look of the falling snow so it is one of my goals to embrace the winter this year and get as many snow shoots in as I can.  Maybe my sister will gain a little more love for the snow too.


My niece Hailey is another one of my favorite subjects. She is the oldest daughter of my other sister Michelle. She has such a silly personality and looks a lot like me and my sisters when we were her age.


The best of friends

Friends are like stars, they come and go, but the ones that stay are the ones that glow- Roxy Quiksilver

This is the first friend shoot that I have done. It was a lot of fun and I hope to do more in the future.

I have known Kellie and Maryah for many years and all three off us have kids the same age.  It has been a few years since we have all gotten together since life seems to take everyone in different directions. So not only was this a fun shoot but it was also us catching up and connecting again. Kellie and her daughter Evita flew in from Alaska and came straight to our shoot at the Denver Botanic gardens where we met up with Maryah and Owen. I was a little worried about the background because a lot of the plants have lost their leaves this time of year but it had just snowed and it made for beautiful pictures. I am definitely looking forward to doing more snow shoots.











We also took some shots inside the atrium which was a huge change in temperature from the outside.





♥ Jenn

Welcome to the world Paizlee

I love newborn babies. They are so little and squishy and innocent. They have that great newborn smell. They are brand new humans waiting to be shaped and molded and taught to be something great. My two kids are already school age and will be the only two I will be having so I love being able to get my baby fix through my newborn sessions.

Paizlee’s mom and I have been planning her session since the moment she found out she was pregnant. We knew she was going to born close to Halloween so what would be better than to include a pumpkin in a shot or two. Look for more photos of Paizlee in the future. Her first year is going to be well documented.

I first visited Devyn, Adam and Paizlee in the hospital and snapped a few shots on her second day of life. She is already a daddy’s girl.




As soon as they were released from the hospital  she came to see me to do the posed shots.








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Fall family photos

Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons to take pictures in. I love the changing of the leaves and the really cute fall outfits. It is cooling off but not really cold yet. Best of all  I get to break out my collection of really cute boots.

This family is near and dear to me because they are my family. This is my cousin Lori and her 5 wonderful kids.




I did Leah’s senior pictures last year so she was a total expert this time.






Clickin’ Walk

Sometimes you just need to get out and explore your surroundings! This weekend I met up with several lovely ladies from a photography forum I frequent to walk around, take pictures and make new friends. We had quite a turn out with a couple of us dragging our kids along for the fun. I brought Deegan with me and gave him his own camera to document our experience. He had a lot of fun and I am so happy that I have infected him with my love of photography. It gave me a great opportunity to get some really awesome shots of him too!

I don’t go to downtown Denver too often because it is hard to find affordable parking and the one way streets drive me crazy but I managed to find some awesome locations for future shoots. I am already brainstorming for a senior shoot I may have later this month.



Untitled-1 copy


Untitled-2 copy






While on our walk we found a piano in the middle of the 16th street mall. Deegan had so much fun “playing” on it that maybe its time to get him some music lessons.





This is a couple of the other ladies getting pictures of the really cool graffiti we found.


And I love this shot of one of the kiddos that was along for the walk.


And I can’t forget to include some of Deegan’s best photos








I took this of him while I let him borrow my camera



Well I hope you enjoyed my photos. I had so much fun and it is so nice to take the time to shoot something for me. I definitely want to do this again sometime soon!

♥ Jenn

My little sister

My little sister has lived in the same state as me for a year now and we just recently got around to finally getting her in front of my camera. She loves doing Muy Thai and it is definitely keeping her in great shape so we wanted to show off her hard work just a little. We had to keep this session short since the weather decide to really let loose with the rain and lightening but I think we got some great shots in before running for our lives (ok not really).

Devyn’s maternity session

I was so excited when I found out that my friend Devyn was pregnant. I immediately thought about the amazing maternity session we were going to have. We decided to try to find a field of sunflowers that would go with the yellow and black theme she was planning for her baby shower. We had to drive about an hour away to find the perfect place but it was definitely worth it. I can’t wait to meet her little princess and shoot her newborn session. I have already found the cutest props that will match perfectly with her maternity shoot.

Kyra’s senior session

After I was done photographing the Smith family’s portraits, their youngest Kyra and I split off and did her senior session. A beautiful girl in a beautiful location are the perfect ingredients for an amazing shoot.And  can you believe this girl is a hockey goalie and an aspiring doctor? I am definitely impressed.

Smith Family

Lauren is a former coworker of mine and one of the sweetest girls ever. This fall she is off to her first year of college and before all the kids split off to their corners of the country her parents wanted to get some photos of the family all together. We met up at her grandparent’s house in the foothills . It has beautiful views of the mountains and gorgeous red rocks right in their backyard. I had a great time with them. They are such a sweet family.

Abby and Kyle

To the outside world, we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other’s hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time. – Clara Ortega

Brothers and sisters are the best friends you didn’t get to choose. I could tell when I was photographing Abby and Kyle that there was a lot of love between them.





She is so gorgeous!




How many 11 years olds do you know whose favorite band is Led Zeppelin?


♥ Jenn

My little sister Sarah

Ok well she isn’t really my sister. She is my husbands little sister but I like to claim her as my own since I have known her since birth. Sarah recently moved away from us with her mom so we decided to get a little photo shoot in before they left. She loves to pose for the camera so we had a fun time getting these shots.





♥ Jenn

Brielle is 5

I love this little girl. She is so sassy and fun and she just turned 5!

I just found this location and I am so happy that I did. This pictures were taken at high noon, which if you are a photographer you know its one of the hardest times of day to get great lighting. The shade here made it so much easier.

We had to get her mom in on a few of the shots too. I love these ones and I can’t decide whether I like their eyes opened or closed better.

Brielle’s mom is pregnant (watch for her maternity photos later this summer) and she just found out she is having another sweet little girl and I just know Brielle is going to be a wonderful big sister. I absolutely love this one!

♥ Jenn

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